Flood Relief Support

Dear Fellow Supporter,

What a human catastrophe we have witnessed in recent Northern Rivers flood. And, how impotent many of us here…and far away, feel. How can we help? How can we match our support to the needs of those 1000s, who are traumatised? Who are homeless? Who have no comforts/little food/no beds for their families and children?

And, how can we ensure that support goes directly to those in desperate need? 

We, at Bangalow Consulting Centre (Medical Specialists, Nurses, Allied Health and Medical Admin Staff), pondered the above questions and elected to identify individual families, in greatest need, in a discreet locality (Pimlico, Wardell and Woodburn). We plan to help these families get “back on their feet”/back into their homes, with whatever is required. To allow them to regain some basic comfort. To regain dignity. To allow them to start again, in this beautiful region of Australia. 

We are doing so by first asking what they need and then seeking to match their requests with our support.

Please see our attached letter outlining our proposal and offering our support.

We now ask, on behalf of these traumatised families, for your support. We at BCC are giving bedding, household goods, appliances, clothes and money. We are donating our time, our knowledge and our organisational skills. There is no middle person. No admin fees.

If you wish to help, either contact us by email (info@bangalowconsulting.com.au) or by making financial contribution to BCC Flood Relief Support with account details on website. If you are offering support or making a financial contribution and wish to follow progress, please supply email. This is optional but will provide an opportunity to update you with newsletters/photos …

Thank you for considering the above. The need is great and the need is urgent.

BCC Staff

Donate to

BCC Flood Relief Support
BSB: 082-522
Account: 70-450-3132

The McConnell’s

Hi, my name is Samantha. My family and I were recently affected, like many others, by the recent Northern NSW floods. My husband and I bought our home in Wardell 4 years ago where we have settled in quite nicely. I am a Registered Nurse, and my husband has just had a career change and had just started an apprenticeship only a few weeks before the flood. We are a young family with three beautiful children Jack (9), Sophie (7) and Lucy (4). Our home was damaged by the flood water and now requires major repairs so that we can live in it again. Some would say we have been through enough already with our daughter Sophie’s medical journey the past few years. We have worked very hard to get a foot into the soaring property market and were finally starting to be able to live the great Aussie dream of home ownership, having recently poured life savings, blood, sweat and tears into renovations. Unfortunately, we are not insured for flood damage, as locals told us to cancel after two years of paying the extra premiums – it “never” floods in Wardell. We now have to somehow beg and borrow to front the cost of the repairs needed to make our family home liveable again. In the meantime, we are effectively homeless and living with friends/family/housesitting. The kids’ school was also flooded.

The Crocket’s

Lani (5), Tahlia (3) and Marley (11months), along with their parents Loren and Lachlan have been deemed homeless due to the recent floods. They will be unable to return to their rental property in Wardell as it is now inhabitable. They are currently sharing a two-bedroom house with Loren’s mum and partner with seven of them under the one roof. They lost everything and only left home with their clothes.